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It's hard to make my animations enjoyable because no one comments/rates... no one even visits!!!
My animation's weak point is the walking (i make them jump instead, it's quicker and less complicated!)

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02/03/08--Copywriting! We must quel this heretic known as StickmanLegends on Youtube! I've had to remove all of my videos of Stickman Legends! If you want the videos back, you'll have to get StickmanLegends to open up the floodgates so I can put the SML movies back on! I'm going to make an angry letter! (not really ^_^) but I'm going to make a video of this! It is an outrage! Covenant bastards!
P.S., my blog site.
22/02/08--I've ended the SML series... oh well!
I'm making Tankanoid 2 and a Tankanoid Online. Tankanoid 2 is almost finished and I'm testing Tankanoid Online, although you'll have to wait because TOL is for Tankanoid 3, plus a built in local multiplayer!
15/11/07--***DELETED TEXT***
24/10/07--Woah! It's been a month since I updated this page! I've done plenty since! I've finished Stickman Legends Outskirts part 3, I've finished the Tankanoid games (one of them is still glitched though), I've started a novel (not Stickman Legends!), etc...
29/09/07--A brand new animation series is going to be introduced... Tankanoid! Tankanoid will be based on my GameMaker game and because I have the Pivot 3 beta, I can use the sprite loader to load up the tankanoid image files. (It will be boring, but it'll be something to watch between the SML episodes!)
The Tankanoid games will be available for download soon! And I'm working on a 2 player version with bundles of new features. Visit the Tankanoid page for details!
26/09/07--Halo 3 launched in UK today! Anyway... Like Stickman Legends the first movie, the second movie (christmas special) will be named. 1st movie=Stickman Legends: Finishing what you started!   2nd movie=Stickman Legends: Here come the drums!
I'll start the SML movie info tomorrow (next weekly update).
Also; Daniel Anderson A.K.A BarfBag A.K.A AndoBarf A.K.A SkunkHead A.K.A Theif, is planning on stealing my work! so Stickman Legends will be stolen... His cheap-ass version is called Stickman Chaos, BarfBag plans on using my characters and killing them off for his own sick twisted ways!!! (Get him!!!)
25/09/07--Halo 3 in USA today! The movie of Stickman Legends christmas special will obviously be release near christmas! The morning of 23/12/07! An anniversary movie for 8th April 2008! I will be releasing step-by-step of the xmas special on the news page, almost not revealing any part of the movie... (technically movie 2, oooh!)
18/09/07--Check previous update! Webb7 is the new SML director and the director for Stickman Legends: Outskirts part 2; Webb7 moved from advisor to co-creator, and now he's the director. (Webb7 created HiBye and Grrr, and is now creating more characters). Stickman Legends: Outskirts part 2, is more-or-less, Webb7 doing; my idea, the story and characters mostly his!
06/09/07--After I do the "Stickman Legends: Outskirts" animation I'm going to make a part 2 of SML: Outskirts; the first seemed unfinished.
03/09/07--I've scrapped the comic idea but keeping the story and putting it into a short-novel form. Another short-noval will be based around the same time as Outskirts, called Stickman Legends: Skyfire Blitz; it will be about the Rebelsticks against the Covenant of Metrion and Covenant of Truth, in space, most will be killed because of the anti-matter charge TMek unbolted and launched via the mass cannon.
01/09/07--I'm also starting a comic (simple one panel comic) about the start of Period 0 (before foundation chronicles), It's going to be called Stickman Legends: War on New Dessin, it'll be mainly about the civilsticks encounter with the covenant of Metrion.
24/08/07--I'm starting on a new Stickman Legends pivot animation (currently called Outskirts), will take place during evacuation so not many known characters will be in it, about 2 known characters are in it. The only hint I'm giving up to now is that it'll be Civilsticks and civil-defense Rebelsticks versus the Covenant of Zanzibar. Visit the Join page to submit a character (rules apply!)
23/08/07--My idea for a sequel was to have TMek and Webb7 versus Roz3y using combination attacks (unless one dies). Still 3 moves each: TMek 3, Webb7 3 and Roz3y 3...
23/08/07--The game is going to be a short turn-based combat game. You play as TMek and you're against DixieC, just like Stickman Legends part 1, obviously with changes like no ghost projection to fight for DixieC and you get the electrocannon!!! You have 3 moves: a power attack, a fast (sneaky) attack and a defense/reflex, so does DixieC...
23/08/07--I've refreshed the news page because I finished the movie and it's uploaded and on this site. Now this news page will be about flash updates for the Stickman Legends game (I need help!), I can complete the game but it'll seem boring compared to how much work I need to put into it! 11 different scenes!!! 9 sets of that!
20/08/07--Stickman Legends: finishing what you started! (movie) is finished and on the videos page!!! (on youtube tomorrow!)
17/08/07--teaser uploaded to youtube! SML movie release on 21/08/07!!! SML wallpapers coming soon! check update-14/05/07, update-18/05/07 and update-26/05/07

Stickman Legends (c) (copyright) , by Thomas Sheen, Wohm studios